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Are you craving a space that feels somewhere between therapy & mentorship specific to the deep feminine? Are you stuck in cycles of emotional and psychological shutdown, struggling to tell your deepest truths or live by your heart’s deep knowing? Is the pain of separation you feel within yourself and your world pushing you to pursue a higher timeline? Are you finally ready to live Love’s dream FOR YOU?

When you choose to join me here you’ll receive uncensored, unrestricted content and conversation with me to re-initiate your wildest love affair with life. I believe the place where Spiritual Guidance, Mentorship & Psychotherapy meet provides delicious conditions to begin to fully live the deep feminine way. If your body and your heart desire to feel exquisitely open to life with indestructible vulnerability, i’m glad you’re here!

In this video subscription, delivered to the intimacy of your favourite inbox, you will open up powerful spiritual-mentorship-psychotherapy with me channelled organically and spontaneously and delivered straight to you! This model of providing heart-flow content and therapeutic interventions is here to help me help more of you. With this subscription you’ll receive the very best of my 1:1 therapy sessions in a more open forum. I am also really excited to curate meaningful connection outside the constraints of the bigger platforms that control how we come + stay together.

We can agree that it’s beautiful to connect and I desire that deep dive with you + your deepest loves in a more intimate and immersive way. Whether you have found me for the first time or are joining me from my YouTube Channel I crave a more direct relationship with you. YouTube continues to provide us with a place to meet and learn and though I am very grateful that these giant search engines have helped us find each other, substack is a space for those of you who wish to go deeper with me into the dynamics and dimensions of our energy exchange that YouTube/Social Media currently have creative control over within the scope of my/our work together…

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Be part of a conscious community of souls who wish to give and receive without the intrusion of algorithms and advertising. It’s free to join (only your email is required) unless you would like to contribute as a paid sub with the video subscription. Either way your energy exchange is direct and transparent and your money (should you wish to pay) comes direct rather than 30%+ of your cash going to YouTube & Advertisers first.

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Clare Wilds

I read, counsel, write and sing about Love… I explore deep masculine & feminine psychology & spirituality in my work as a psychotherapist, writer and content creator.